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If you’ve previously tried to lose weight without success, it may be time to seek medical help. Medical weight loss involves a structured program of nutrition, supplements, and exercise to help patients reach their weight loss goals. Medical weight loss is different from other diet programs. Since these weight loss programs near Mt. Kisco are developed and supervised by a healthcare provider, you can rest assured that they are as safe as they are effective.

Initial Consultation

One significant benefit is that these weight loss programs are not “cookie cutter” solutions. Each patient’s program is fully customized to meet his or her unique needs and preferences. Physician-supervised weight loss typically begins with an initial consultation, during which the provider will evaluate your medical history and perform a physical examination. The provider will assess any underlying medical conditions that may be related to your weight, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Sometimes, a weight loss doctor may recommend additional testing, depending on the findings of the exam. In some cases, patients are diagnosed with previously undetected conditions such as thyroid disorders. The initial consultation will also include a review of your weight history. In other words, the physician will ask you about your previous attempts to lose weight.

Nutrition and Supplement Plan

Using his or her findings from the initial consultation, the physician will develop personalized diet recommendations. Many patients find success with meal replacement programs. Meal replacement programs are highly structured and convenient, which makes them easy for patients to follow. Over time, patients can gradually transition into a self-prepared meal program. Based on each patient’s nutritional needs, the physician may recommend a vitamin supplement regimen along with the diet. Patients of a certain age range may also consider hormone replacement therapy.

Exercise Program

Diet is a central component of every weight loss program. However, exercise is also essential for weight loss, disease prevention, and overall wellness. Under medical supervision, patients can begin a safe and reasonable exercise program.

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