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With foods high in saturated fat and sugar incredibly easy to find, it’s no secret that obesity is a problem in America. In fact, about one-third of adult Americans suffer from obesity and the health risks that are involved. If your health is a concern to you and you feel that you should lose weight, Dr. Briones and her amazing medical weight loss clinic staff can help you get to a healthy weight.

Losing weight is a journey. There are no quick fixes and getting to a comfortable and healthy weight will take time and effort. Our medical weight loss clinic in Mt. Kisco is certified to carry OPTIFAST® as a weight loss solution. We want you to live your best life and have the support needed to not quit. You probably have questions about what the program comprises, side effects, or how much you can lose through the OPTIFAST® program. Dr. Briones Medical Weight Loss Center is here to help and will answer some of these frequently asked questions and more below.

Frequently Asked Questions About the OPTIFAST® Program

What is OPTIFAST®?

OPTIFAST®, the best Weight Loss Program Options in Mount KiscoOPTIFAST® is a program that is patient-centric and supervised by a medical weight loss doctor. Dr. Briones will monitor and assess your weight management program with OPTIFAST® to work toward improved health. Because healthy living involves complete lifestyle changes, the OPTIFAST® program utilizes a full meal replacement plan that transitions into self-prepared everyday meals over 26 weeks. This will help educate you on how to support your weight loss to achieve long-term goals.

What are the side effects of OPTIFAST®?

OPTIFAST® works to help get your body into a state of ketosis and there are side effects to this type of diet in the beginning. We call it the 3-day Challenge. Once you get past the first three days, your body will start to get used to the new lifestyle choice you are making. Your body will also take a little bit of time to adjust while losing weight. Below are some of the physical side effects:

  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Headache
  • Hair loss
  • Irritability
  • Postural hypotension
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle cramps
  • Menstrual disturbances

How much weight can you lose on OPTIFAST®?

Results will vary from patient to patient because no two body types are the same. The patients of Dr. Briones Medical Weight Loss Center typically lose about 50 pounds in 26 weeks while utilizing the OPTIFAST® program. We will be with you the whole way, so if you have questions or are concerned about your weight loss progress, bring it to the attention of Dr. Briones. She will go over your results and see where improvements can be made and how we can better use the OPTIFAST® system to meet your weight loss goals. Remember you are not in this fight alone and we are always here to help.

What are the benefits of the OPTIFAST® program?

While you are going to lose weight and meet those body goals you’ve set for yourself, there are many additional benefits to be gained by partaking in the OPTIFAST® program. You will receive one-on-one lifestyle coaching, participate in small group discussions, and notice interpersonal growth. You will also get the added health benefits of lower cholesterol and decreased blood pressure, all while fitting into those old jeans.

What are the various phases of the OPTIFAST® program?

There are three main phases in the OPTIFAST® program: Active Weight Loss, Transition, and Maintenance. The team at Dr. Briones Medical Weight Loss Center is with you through all of them and helps you along the way. Most people struggle with weight loss because they feel alone or don’t have anyone to keep them motivated or accountable. We make the experience a team activity to help lose the weight and keep it off.

  • Active Weight Loss – 12 to 16 weeks of total meal replacement from OPTIFAST® to help work on the diet portion of your weight loss
  • Transition – 4 to 6 weeks transitioning to a self-prepared balanced and healthy food-based diet to help meet long-term goals.
  • Maintenance – up to one year of diet and lifestyle advice for weight loss maintenance with your counselor at the Dr. Briones Medical Weight Loss Center.

Success with OPTIFAST® from Patients in Westchester County

OPTIFAST®, a successful weight loss solution in Westchester County

OPTIFAST® is a successful weight loss solution because it will treat your overall health and not just your weight. The team at Dr. Briones Medical Weight Loss Clinic will do all they can to help you succeed. We understand that you’ve tried a lot of different methods to get to a healthy weight and that you may feel like you are running out of options. We want to address, modify, and support better lifestyle, behavior, and diet decisions to improve your quality of life.

OPTIFAST® has been clinically proven to get results. You can do it with the help of Dr. Briones and her medical weight loss clinic staff. It should be known that the OPTIFAST® weight loss solution is designed for patients who are severely obese and have a body mass index higher than 35.

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