Internal Medicine Treatment in Westchester County & Mt. Kisco, NY

Internal Medicine Treatment in Mount KiscoHaving weight issues can be difficult and can lead to more serious health problems. If you are looking to shed some pounds and get to a healthy weight, a doctor of internal medicine may be able to help. Dr. Briones specializes in helping people in Mount Kisco, Greenwich and Westchester monitor health and identify illnesses and remedies related to weight problems.

What is Internal Medicine?

Internal medicine is the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of illnesses and diseases for adults. Doctors of internal medicine are commonly called internists and are different from family physicians because they focus on adult patients only.

Specialties of internal medicine treatment include:

  • Cardiology (heart care)
  • Immunology
  • Critical care
  • Endocrinology (endocrine system, hormone health)
  • Gastroenterology (digestive diseases)
  • Oncology (cancer care)
  • Geriatric medicine
  • Hospital medicine
  • Sleep medicine
  • Infectious disease
  • Rheumatology
  • Sports medicine
  • Nephrology (kidney health)
  • Hematology (blood health)
  • Pulmonology (lung care)

Finding the right doctor of internal medicine depends on your needs. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Briones and her staff. We can help improve your overall health.

Why Choose Internal Medicine?

A doctor of internal medicine is the ideal choice for most people when it comes to selecting a physician. Whether you’re a model of perfect health or fighting a disease, a general internist can diagnose, prevent and treat illnesses.

From the smallest pains to difficult health problems, internists specialize in providing the best possible care for adults. Your family physician may even call on an internal medicine doctor to help with a particularly tricky diagnosis.

Stay Healthy with Internal Medicine

If you’re looking to get in touch with a Doctor of Internal Medicine, there’s no better time than the present. Internists do their best work after getting to know a patient’s needs, so it’s best to get started right away. If you are looking for an internal medicine treatment specialist in Mount Kisco, NY, please call (914) 372-6495 or request more information online.

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