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Your weight can play a significant role in your health, your self-confidence, and your overall quality of life. If you have been struggling with how to lose weight, weight loss or weight management near Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County, the Dr. Briones Medical Weight Loss Center is here to help. Dr. Briones and her experienced staff can provide the tools and knowledge you need to successfully lose weight or address stubborn fat deposits for a slimmer, healthier body you’ll love.

Healthy Weight Loss Programs and Our Treatment Options

Our weight loss clinic recognizes that losing weight is a personal journey. Weight loss and weight maintenance require the development of customized goals and a unique combination of treatment options to address each patient’s needs. We are pleased to offer a variety of non-surgical medical weight loss and aesthetic treatment options in Westchester County.

At Briones Medical Weight Loss Center, we strive to help you meet your goals and get to a healthy weight. For your weight loss treatment and accompanying diet, we will help you in the following ways:

  • CoolSculpting can help patients near their goal weight eliminate stubborn fat without cosmetic surgery. This treatment uses the targeted application of cold to destroy fat cells, shrinking these stubborn areas permanently.
  • Ultherapy produces a more lifted and youthful look in your face and neck; this treatment addresses loose and sagging skin, which may be due to age and exacerbated by weight loss. Ultrasonic waves are used to stimulate collagen production beneath the skin, which lifts and tightens the treated areas.
  • Internal medicine can be an important factor in weight loss. If you suffer from underlying health conditions that obstruct or affect your ability to lose weight, Dr. Briones can help you evaluate your health with relation to your weight to achieve the best and longest-lasting result.
  • Hormone replacement can combat the signs and consequences of aging, which include changes in metabolism, weight, and appearance. As your natural hormone levels wane, replacing them with bioidentical hormones will improve your weight management efforts as well as your everyday comfort and general health.
  • Lipo-Light shapes difficult-to-tone areas of the body, such as the arms, thighs, hips, and waist. During treatment, an LED is used to target fat cells beneath your skin, causing them to lose their contents and shrink.
  • Functional medicine focuses on improving the overall function of your body by addressing chronic diseases and other underlying conditions that can impede your efforts to lose weight or achieve a healthy lifestyle.
  • Non-Surgical Fat Reduction via laser, ultrasound, mesotherapy, LLLT (low level laser technology), laser lypolysis or cold therapy techniques
  • OPTIFAST is a medical weight loss program integrating lifestyle changes, meal replacement, and meal planning into a comprehensive plan that will help you lose weight and manage a healthy weight once you’ve reached your goal.

Are you interested in learning more about the medical weight loss programs available at the Dr. Briones Medical Weight Loss Center? Please call us today at (914) 241-6249 to schedule an appointment and get started.

Our team has over 15 years of experience in helping people from Greenwich, Westchester, and Mt. Kisco lose weight and get to a healthy lifestyle.

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