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Lipo-Light in Westchester County & Mt. Kisco, New York


LED Body Shaping System Lipo-Light

We all have problem areas that simply won’t go away. While you can reduce extra inches around your waist, hips, thighs and arms, it takes months and sometimes years of rigorous exercise to accomplish. Alternatives to months of training include invasive surgery with long recovery periods. Advancing technology has developed new methods to make weight loss easier and more effective. Science has uncovered that LED light may be an exciting new answer to dropping pounds from trouble spots.

Among our tested treatments is Lipo-Light, an advanced program that slims and tones your body using safe and hygienic tools. This body-slimming treatment uses LED light and non-invasive heat to liquefy fat in your cells. When combined with exercise and healthy dieting, you can see natural results quickly without painful surgery or a long recovery. At Dr. Briones Medical Weight Loss Center, we offer non-surgical weight loss solutions to Yonkers, New Rochelle, and all of Westchester County, New York.

Lipo-Light Helps Westchester County Lose Troublesome Weight

Have you been eating right and exercising regularly for months while losing weight steadily, but not in the right places? There are some areas of the body that aren’t designed to lose weight regardless of your workout routine and new healthy eating habits. Dr. Briones Medical Weight Loss Center wants to let you know it’s okay and urge you to continue what you’re doing. There are places on the human body that were simply not created to lose weight efficiently. Don’t get discouraged or slide back into old habits because of frustration in your weight loss plans. Dr. Briones offers Lipo-Light as an option to help get rid of weight in trouble areas such as the back of your arms, waist, thighs, and in your hips.

Lipo-Light can shape and tone difficult areas of your body, including

  • Arms
  • Waist
  • Thighs
  • Hips

Frequently Asked Questions About Lipo-Light

How many Lipo-Light treatments are needed to achieve results?

After you schedule your first meeting with Dr. Briones and the team, we create a personalized plan to help you determine the next steps in your Lipo-Light journey toward safe weight loss. No two body types are the same and some have trouble areas that others don’t, so no two plans will be the same either. No matter how many visits are required for your individual treatment plan, most patients will see measurable results after their first session. Each session only takes about 20 minutes, and since it’s non-invasive, you could schedule a visit on your lunch break and be in the office that afternoon.

How long does weight loss from Lipo-Light treatments last?

Weight loss, no matter how it happens, is only sustained by living a healthy lifestyle. You can gain weight in places that weren’t part of your original treatments by not balancing a proper diet or getting enough exercise. Lipo-Light helps you lose weight by shrinking your fat cells, but it does not completely get rid of them.

What is Lipo-Light?

Lipo-Light is a revolutionary, non-invasive slimming and toning weight loss treatment. If you’re having difficulty losing weight in troublesome areas like the backs of your arms or your inner thighs, Lipo-Light is for you. It uses an LED light to heat up and emulsify fat cells in those areas, allowing your workout to effectively tone them. Get more from your dieting and exercise by seeking Lipo-Light treatments today to get the weight-loss results you have been working to achieve.

How does Lipo-Light work?

Lipo-Light uses a targeted LED light that attacks fat cells underneath your skin. The light shrinks the fat cells and causes them to lose their volume in an emulsification process. Dr. Briones and her team perform these treatments over multiple sessions to get your desired look. Most patients see excellent results after the first one. Not only does it help you lose weight, but may also make cellulite disappear!

Who is suitable for Lipo-Light?

When you schedule your consultation with the Dr. Briones Medical Weight Loss Center, one of our representatives will go over a full medical questionnaire to see if you are suitable for the Lipo-Light program. Lipo-Light is not recommended for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have Type 2 diabetes, or have a history of malignancy. You will be asked to continue your regular workout and diet routine while receiving treatments. Lipo-Light is a weight loss supplement, not a weight loss solution.

Is Lipo-Light painful?

Lipo-Light recipients should not experience any unusual feelings or pain and most find the treatments calming and relaxing. There may be slight warmth from the LED lights. If you do feel pain or discomfort, let your physician know right away so they may investigate and ensure everything is properly working.

How is Lipo-Light different from other weight loss and cellulite reduction treatments?

Lipo-Light uses LED lights to target and shrink fat cells within the body while other treatments focus on reducing the amount of cellulite and tightening skin. Lipo-Light targets fat cells in the body to help with weight loss, while achieving the same goals of cellulite reduction and skin tightening.

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