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Understanding Functional Medicine

If you’re struggling to lose weight and you’re concerned about your risk of chronic diseases, you may wish to look for weight loss doctors in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County who offer functional medicine services. Functional medicine for weight loss refers to the way in which the doctor views the patient. Rather than separating symptoms, conditions, and concerns, the doctor will take a holistic, integrative approach to the patient’s health. As part of the strategy to lose weight, functional medicine encourages the evaluation and treatment of the whole body and its systems—from the gastrointestinal and endocrine system to the immune system and cardiovascular system.

At a weight loss clinic, a functional medicine approach will evaluate both environmental and internal lifestyle factors that could be causing the patient’s problems. Because functional medicine is an integrative, comprehensive way of approaching wellness, it is applicable for patients with all sorts of chronic conditions, including eating disorders, diabetes, food sensitivities, and even depression.


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