• How Long Does OPTIFAST Take?

    Small changes made over time help many people lose weight . Others need a more structured approach, such as OPTIFAST. The OPTIFAST program is only available from healthcare providers, such as Dr. Maria Briones’ clinic near Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County. Your weight loss doctor will thoroughly evaluate your health and customize your program to meet your needs. Most patients are on the program for 26 weeks, although this is variable from person to person. Individual results will also vary, although the average weight loss is about 50 pounds.

    Before you get started losing weight with OPTIFAST, you’ll have a consultation at the clinic, and you may also attend a new patient orientation. Then, you’ll order your recommended OPTIFAST products through the weight loss clinic, and choose your start date. There are three stages. The first—active weight loss—lasts about 12 weeks. The remainder of the 26-week program consists of the transitional stage and the long-term weight management phase.

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  • A Look at the Issue of Weight Gain During Menopause

    For many older women in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County, hormone replacement therapy is a viable option for restoring health and quality of life . For instance, a weight loss doctor may recommend hormone replacement therapy if you’ve been having problems losing weight and you’re in menopause. Many women are surprised to learn that the decline in estrogen levels can cause fat accumulation, particularly around the midsection.

    To find out more about losing weight during menopause, watch this interview with a doctor. She explains that as hormone levels change, the cells may become less receptive to insulin. She strongly recommends making modifications to the types and amounts of food you eat, such as by following a low-carbohydrate diet. Exercise is another effective strategy for preventing weight gain later in life.

  • What to Know Before You Begin Your OPTIFAST® Program

    If you are tired of trying to lose weight without success, or dropping a few pounds and then gaining them back plus more, it could be time to try a medical weight loss solution. OPTIFAST® is a medically supervised weight loss plan that combines healthy food choices with the support and education you need to keep your weight off long-term. If you are ready to try a new way of weight loss in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County area, then here is what you need to know about OPTIFAST®. Begin Your OPTIFAST® Program at Dr. Briones Medical Weight Loss Center of Mt. Kisco

    What exactly is OPTIFAST®?

    OPTIFAST® is a medical weight loss program that brings together a multidisciplinary approach to support patients’ efforts to lose weight. For the diet portion of the plan, patients begin with full meal replacements and then slowly transition back to preparing their own food over the course of 26 weeks. This process lets patients adjust to a new way of eating and learn how to feed themselves healthy, satisfying foods. Through the program, patients get support from a medical weight loss physician, behavioral therapy, and peer support to help them stay focused, accountable, and encouraged at every stage of the plan.

    Is it successful?

    OPTIFAST® has a long track record of success. On average, patients lose 50 pounds, have an 11% decrease in blood pressure and 14% decrease in cholesterol. Most importantly, approximately 50% of patients maintain about a 5% weight loss five years after they complete the program. By learning to change not just their eating habits but also their lifestyle, patients are able to keep the weight off much more successfully than they typically do with other weight loss programs.

    Who is a good candidate for OPTIFAST®?

    To be a candidate for OPTIFAST®, you must have a body index of at least 35. Your medical weight loss specialist will help you decide if this plan fits your lifestyle and will help you reach your weight loss goals.

  • Options for Non-Surgical Weight Loss

    If you have been struggling with your weight and are beginning to wonder if surgery is your only option, think again. There are many different ways to achieve weight loss without surgery. The trick is finding the right weight loss programs for your needs. Fortunately, you don’t have to blindly experiment with weight loss plans and hope for the best. At a medical weight loss clinic in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County area , you can get professional guidance from weight loss experts so that this is the time you reach and maintain your weight loss goals. Here are some of your options for non-surgical weight loss. Options For Non-surgical Weight Loss From Dr. Briones

    Medical Weight Loss

    Medical weight loss programs are designed to help you maximize your weight loss efforts by tailoring your eating plan and caloric goals to your specific needs. Under the guidance of a weight loss doctor, you will learn a healthy daily calorie target for you, how to balance your macronutrients, and how to make lifestyle changes that will help you maintain your weight loss for the long term. Under a medical weight loss plan, you can also receive treatment for any underlying conditions that could contribute to weight gain, such as hormonal imbalances, plus medications to support your weight loss efforts.


    OPTIFAST is a meal replacement plan designed for people with BMIs of 30 or greater. During the first 12 weeks of the program, dieters eat OPTIFAST meal replacement products exclusively, before transitioning back to self-prepared meals. With medical supervision and extensive patient education, OPTIFAST sets the foundation for long-lasting weight loss and better health.

    Fat Reduction Treatments

    It’s common for people to have areas of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise efforts. Non-surgical fat reduction treatments can help. CoolSculpting, laser fat reduction, ultrasound fat reduction, mesotherapy injections, and laser liposuction can all help you achieve a sleek physique without bumps and bulges that remain after you lose weight. Unlike surgical treatments, these procedures offer fast recoveries with little downtime.