• Creative Ways to Blend Your OPTIFAST Powders


    The OPTIFAST diet is an effective weight loss program available from Dr. Maria Briones, who serves Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County. Some people find that they enjoy the OPTIFAST shakes when prepared according to the package directions, but others prefer to add a little extra flavor. Talk to Dr. Briones about adding extra flavor to the shake powders to ensure your additions are OPTIFAST-approved.

    One of the most popular ways to make the powders more palatable is to blend them with ice water. You can also try adding a sugar-free flavor extract, such as adding raspberry or almond extract to vanilla powder or cinnamon to the chocolate powder. The taste of the vanilla powder is the one most people seem to struggle with on this weight loss program. Consider making the vanilla with very cold chai tea or fruit-infused herbal tea in place of plain water. Some dieters like to add calorie-free diet soda. Try root beer with the chocolate powder, or Fresca or Sprite with the strawberry powder. And every day, keep reminding yourself that OPTIFAST is temporary, and the benefits you’ll gain from it will be well worth your efforts.

    healthy protein shake with cinnamon, almond, bananas


  • How an Internist Can Help You Manage Heart Failure

    Internal medicine practitioners are similar to family physicians, as they diagnose, treat, and work to prevent diseases and conditions. However, unlike family doctors, internists focus exclusively on adult patients. If you’ve been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, consider adding an internist to your care team, such as Dr. Briones, who serves Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County. stethoscope and red heart on table

    Medication Management

    Heart failure patients will usually be prescribed a combination of medications. Although there is no cure for heart failure, medications can help suppress the symptoms, and make it easier for your heart to pump blood. Taking your medications as prescribed will help prevent your condition from becoming worse. When patients take combinations of medications, managing them becomes even more important. Some heart failure medicines may require dietary modifications, such as aldosterone antagonists. These drugs can elevate your potassium level to a potentially dangerous point, and so your internal medicine practitioner may give you a low-potassium meal plan to follow. Another consideration is side effects. All drugs have the potential for side effects, and you won’t necessarily experience any major problems. If you do, talk to your internist—he or she may be able to prescribe a different drug within the same class.

    Nutritional Guidance

    Good nutrition is important for everyone, regardless of health status. However, it’s even more crucial for heart failure patients to eat a heart-healthy diet. Your internist will work with you to design a meal plan that you’ll enjoy and find easy to follow. An ideal diet for heart failure includes:

    • Lots of vegetables and fruits
    • Whole grains, rather than refined grains
    • Lean proteins
    • Nonfat or low-fat dairy products
    • Negligible amounts of sodium

    Too much sodium in your diet leads to water retention. This is indicated by swollen legs, ankles, and feet. Water retention forces your heart to work harder, causing shortness of breath.

    Weight Loss Counseling

    Heart failure patients are often advised to lose weight as obesity can lead to cardiovascular problems. Following the internist’s recommended meal plan is an effective way to reach a healthier weight. Your doctor will also likely discuss your exercise recommendations, and help you stay on track with your lifestyle plan.

  • Reclaim Your Body with CoolSculpting

    CoolSculpting is a popular treatment in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County. It’s an effective way to selectively target the bulges of fat that haven’t been responding well to diet and exercise. CoolSculpting is a safe, FDA-approved, noninvasive treatment that harnesses cryolipolysis technology to kill the fat cells in the targeted area.

    Watch this video to learn more about CoolSculpting. This non-surgical fat reduction method is appropriate for addressing fat deposits of the abdomen, hips, thighs, and double chin area. After the treatment, the body naturally processes the dead fat cells and eliminates them. This takes a few weeks, which means patients’ results will improve over time. Immediately after CoolSculpting treatment, patients can return to their usual activities—no downtime required!

  • Getting Rid of Your Double Chin with CoolSculpting

    CoolSculpting offers people an excellent solution for stubborn areas of fat . If you have a double chin that you’re tired of seeing when you look in the mirror, then ask your doctor about CoolSculpting serving Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County. Watch this video to learn about this non-surgical fat reduction treatment.

    CoolSculpting uses precisely controlled cooling to freeze, crystalize, and kill fat cells beneath the skin. Over time, the body processes these dead cells and eliminates them, leaving the patient with fewer fat cells in the treatment area. This process requires no needles, surgery, or downtime, and is an excellent solution for stubborn double chins.

  • Preparing for CoolSculpting

    CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved treatment designed to freeze away stubborn fat cells that don’t respond to your diet and exercise efforts, from tummy bulges to double chins. This non-invasive treatment is safe for most patients and requires no downtime after the procedure. Generally, doctors recommend that you are close to your goal weight before having CoolSculpting, so it can be a great addition to a medical weight loss plan to help you achieve a more toned look after you lose weight. If you are considering CoolSculpting in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County area, here is a look at how you will prepare for your treatment. cool - sculpting

    Discuss Your Medications

    Before undergoing treatment, discuss all of the medications you take with your doctor. Medications that cause blood thinning can exacerbate bruising in the treatment area, and your doctor may want you to discontinue them for a period of time before your session. Don’t forget to mention over-the-counter medications and supplements you take as well, including aspirin, fish oil, and anti-inflammatories. These medications can also worsen side effects and may need to be stopped before your appointment.

    Eat a Light Meal

    It is safe to eat before CoolSculpting, but most doctors recommend sticking to a light meal. In some cases, patients experience mild nausea when the session begins as the fat begins to cool and the suctioning of the skin begins. Nausea is also an uncommon, but possible, side effect of treatment. Saving a larger meal for after CoolSculpting will help you avoid these complications.

    Fill Your Time

    CoolSculpting treatment times vary depending on the area treated but rarely are less than an hour and frequently are longer. Any minor discomfort associated with the procedure usually ends within the first 10 minutes of placing the applicators, when the skin becomes numb. Many patients choose to read, do work, watch movies on their iPads, or even nap. Prepare a few things to bring with you to fill your time while you’re waiting for your CoolSculpting treatment to be completed.

  • Meet Medical Assistant Natasha Ortiz

    When you visit Dr. Briones Medical Weight Loss Center , one of the friendly faces you’ll meet is medical assistant Natasha Ortiz. Natasha is an integral part of our weight loss clinic serving Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County area and is committed to ensuring every patient feels comfortable and gets the support they need in their weight loss journeys.

    Natasha Ortiz Natasha is a certified medical assistant with a background in OBGYN, internal medicine, gastroenterology, and weight loss medicine. Since joining our weight loss clinic in 2012, Natasha has built a close relationship with our patients as she escorts them to their exam rooms, takes vital signs, and when necessary, draws blood or performs EKGs. Patients adore her friendly smile and the positive attitude she brings to her job. Natasha works closely with Dr. Briones to ensure every patient has the tools he or she needs to achieve his or her weight loss goals and maintain that weight loss in the long term.

  • The CoolSculpting Procedure

    There are many ways you can support your medical weight loss plan to lose weight even faster. Consider undergoing CoolSculpting near Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County. Since CoolSculpting destroys fat cells in problem areas such as the thighs, hips, and abdomen, it assists with both weight loss and body contouring.

    How It Works

    CoolSculpting uses a revolutionary type of fat freezing technology to eliminate fat cells from the body. The device was designed by Harvard scientists. It relies on Cryolipolysis, or controlled cooling, to target the fat cells while leaving skin cells and other tissues undamaged. Once crystallized, the fat cells die off. The body naturally processes these cells and eliminates them.

    What Happens During Treatment Sessions

    The CoolSculpting Procedure at Dr. Briones Medical Weight Loss Center of Mt. Kisco When you arrive at the weight loss clinic, you’ll discuss your medical history and your goals for your appearance to determine if CoolSculpting is right for you. CoolSculpting may be a good choice for you if you would like to resolve stubborn bulges of fat in certain areas, such as the abdomen and hips. If you decide to have this procedure, you’ll lie back on a comfortable exam table and the provider will position the device over the target area. While the device works, you can feel free to read, take a nap, or simply relax. It will feel a little chilly where the device is applied, but since CoolSculpting is non-invasive, you won’t feel any pain. CoolSculpting does not require a recovery period; you can return to your usual activities immediately.

    How Many Treatments Are Needed

    Patients often see remarkable results after just one treatment session. If you plan to address multiple target areas, you may wish to schedule more than one appointment. Depending on your goals, your provider may recommend additional sessions later on. It’s a good idea to wait to schedule additional treatments, since the full results of your first session won’t be immediately apparent.

    When Patients See Results

    In about three weeks after your first appointment, you’ll begin to notice improvements in the treated areas. The effect of CoolSculpting peaks in about two months after the treatment, with some continued improvements over the following two to four months.