• How You Can Conquer Your Sweet Tooth

    When you want to lose weight, your sweet tooth can be one of your biggest enemies. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to fight back against those sugar cravings. Start by not going it alone with your weight loss efforts. Medical weight loss programs in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County area give you the tools you need to finally lose the weight and keep it off. When your sweet tooth comes calling when you want to lose weight, follow these tips to ward off temptation. Dr. Briones Medical Weight Loss Center helps to conquer your sweet tooth

    Start Chewing

    When you’re afraid you’re going to reach for some candy, grab some gum instead. Many people find that chewing gum helps them deal with cravings for sweet. Choosing gums with sweet flavors are enough to silence a sweet tooth for some people who want to lose weight, while others find that chewing mint gum creates a taste in the mouth that makes sweets sound less satisfying. Find your favorite flavor and pop a stick whenever the siren song of sweets calls.

    Eat Often

    Losing weight doesn’t mean going for extended periods without food. In fact, that can make you hungrier than ever and cause you to binge on your favorite sweets. Instead, for weight loss, eat small amounts of food every few hours. You will keep your metabolism going, your blood glucose levels steady, and feel satisfied so you don’t feel so compelled to feed your hunger with sugary treats.

    Indulge Wisely

    When you reach the maintenance phase of your weight loss program, you will be vulnerable to going back to bad habits if your diet is too restrictive. Instead, ask the staff at your weight loss clinic to teach you how to work indulgences into your weight loss plan without sabotaging your efforts. For instance, eating a small square of quality chocolate or dipping some bananas in chocolate sauce could satisfy your sweet tooth and fit right into your efforts to lose weight.

  • Understanding Functional Medicine

    If you’re struggling to lose weight and you’re concerned about your risk of chronic diseases, you may wish to look for weight loss doctors in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County who offer functional medicine services. Functional medicine for weight loss refers to the way in which the doctor views the patient. Rather than separating symptoms, conditions, and concerns, the doctor will take a holistic, integrative approach to the patient’s health. As part of the strategy to lose weight, functional medicine encourages the evaluation and treatment of the whole body and its systems—from the gastrointestinal and endocrine system to the immune system and cardiovascular system.

    At a weight loss clinic, a functional medicine approach will evaluate both environmental and internal lifestyle factors that could be causing the patient’s problems. Because functional medicine is an integrative, comprehensive way of approaching wellness, it is applicable for patients with all sorts of chronic conditions, including eating disorders, diabetes, food sensitivities, and even depression.

    Functional medicine for weight loss in Mt. Kisco

  • Obesity and Heart Disease

    In recent years, multiple studies have demonstrated the correlation between obesity and cardiovascular disease. In light of these findings, weight loss programs near Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County have become even more important for individuals who struggle with overweight and obesity . At a weight loss clinic, a successful approach to non-surgical weight loss may help patients reduce their risk of many chronic diseases, including heart disease.

    You can learn more about this research by watching this interview with a cardiologist. He explains the dangers of the “fast food society” and asserts that there is a link between belly fat and the rise of inflammatory factors in the body. This systemic inflammation can contribute to damage to the blood vessels and to the organs throughout the body. Fortunately, effective weight loss programs can help patients preserve their health.

  • How Does Ultherapy Work?

    Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of sagging skin around your face and neck? Do you want the results of a facelift without having to undergo invasive surgery? Consider having Ultherapy near Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County. Ultherapy, which may be available at a medical weight loss center near you, is a gentle way to restore the tissues underneath the skin and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. Ultherapy can lift and tighten your skin to fight the effects of time and gravity. Setting up a consultation for Ultherapy is the perfect way to reward yourself for achieving healthy medical weight loss.

    Ultrasound Technology

    Ultherapy for residents of Mt. Kisco to build new Collagen Ultherapy is a powerful tool that can deliver incredible results in just one treatment session. When you arrive at your appointment, the provider will apply a special conductive gel to your skin and then move the handheld “wand” over the treatment areas. This handheld device emits ultrasound energy to the foundational layer beneath the skin. It’s unlike lasers, radiofrequency energy, and other technologies in that the ultrasound energy completely bypasses the skin to deliver precise amounts of energy to specific depths at exactly the right temperature. When the ultrasound energy is delivered to the tissues, it triggers a regenerative process. The tissues begin to produce more collagen than they did before in a process known as neocollagenesis. To improve its precision delivery, the Ultherapy system includes ultrasound imaging. These real-time images allow the provider to see exactly where to deliver the ultrasound energy for the most effective treatment possible.

    Collagen Structure

    Collagen is essential for maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Your body naturally produces some collagen, but unfortunately, the skin loses this essential protein over time. Stress and poor diet can also interfere with the body’s natural production of collagen. With Ultherapy, the body can be stimulated to increase its production of collagen, which restores suppleness, moisture, and youthfulness to the skin. Specifically, collagen helps correct sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and dryness. Collagen can even improve overall skin tone and firmness, and Ultherapy is an effective way to boost the body’s ability to produce this important protein.