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How Many Ultherapy Treatments Will I Need?

After you reach your goal weight on your weight loss program in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County area, don’t be surprised if you want to treat yourself to a few cosmetic procedures to help you feel your absolute best.

Feb 2nd, 2018
Creative Ways To Blend Your Optifast Powders

The OPTIFAST diet is an effective weight loss program available from Dr. Maria Briones, who serves Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County. Some people find that they enjoy the OPTIFAST...

Dec 22nd, 2017
Telehealth: The Advantages of Telemedicine

Struggles to get to the clinic? Trying to reduce your exposure to COVID-19, as well as other contagious illnesses, and still need to see your doctor? Telehealth is safe and easy — receive quality care from anywhere.

Aug 26th, 2021
Endocrinology And Diabetes Management: The Role Of The Internist

If you have diabetes, an endocrinologist may be part of your care team, or you may work with an internist to manage your care. If you haven’t yet been diagnosed with diabetes but want to lose weight to avoid developing the type 2 form of the disease,...

Jan 26th, 2018
Should Cancer Patients Exercise?

Oncology care professionals generally do recommend that cancer patients enjoy light exercise. In this case, weight maintenance is the goal, not weight loss. Even if a cancer patient was actively working to lose weight prior to the diagnosis,...

Jan 5th, 2018
Look Younger In Less Than An Hour!

A one-hour treatment that promises to take five to 10 years off your appearance without needles or scalpels might sound too good to be true, but this video is proof that Ultherapy really does work. When you watch it, you’ll see some before and after...

Dec 29th, 2017
How An Internist Can Help You Manage Heart Failure

Internal medicine practitioners are similar to family physicians, as they diagnose, treat, and work to prevent diseases and conditions. However, unlike family doctors, internists focus exclusively on adult patients. If you’ve been diagnosed with...

Dec 8th, 2017
Give The Gift Of Ultherapy This Holiday Season

Some people are easy to shop for, such as young children who are happy with virtually any toy they receive. But what should you get for an adult who already has plenty of material possessions?

Dec 1st, 2017
Lose Weight Despite Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Weight loss is difficult even in the best of circumstances. When you’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, it might seem downright impossible. People with special medical concerns who are having trouble losing weight can consult a functional medicine...

Nov 24th, 2017
How Cryolipolysis Works

Cryolipolysis is the process behind CoolSculpting —a popular fat reduction treatment. To find out if CoolSculpting might be right for you, visit a weight loss clinic in Mt. Kisco or the surrounding Westchester County area. You’ll learn while it isn’t a...

Nov 17th, 2017
No-Stress Diet Tips For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about being with family and friends, although the food also has a starring role. If you’re worried that the upcoming holiday season will derail your diet, consider booking an appointment with a weight loss doctor soon.

Nov 3rd, 2017
Better Than Butter: Smart Substitutions To Try

Americans eat more butter than ever before. Like other indulgences, butter can be part of a meal plan in limited amounts, but if you’re trying to lose weight , it’s best to find healthier substitutions.

Oct 27th, 2017
After Optifast: Keeping The Weight Off For Good

OPTIFAST is a highly structured diet program available from weight loss specialists in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County. It can be an ideal choice for people who struggle to lose weight on their own, especially for those who have...

Oct 20th, 2017
Getting Great Results With Coolsculpting

If you’d like to trim your thighs and flatten your tummy , consider giving CoolSculpting a try. CoolSculpting is available in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County for individuals who are close to their ideal weight, but still have some...

Oct 12th, 2017
Only Have 15 Minutes? Try These Effective Workouts

To lose weight, residents of Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County don’t have to force themselves to do marathon workout sessions at the gym. Exercising for hours on end isn’t actually healthy, and may lead to medical complications.

Oct 6th, 2017
How Long Does Optifast Take?

Small changes made over time help many people lose weight . Others need a more structured approach, such as OPTIFAST. The OPTIFAST program is only available from healthcare providers, such as Dr. Maria Briones’ clinic near Mt. Kisco and the surrounding...

Sep 22nd, 2017
Conquering Stress Eating With Mindful Meditation

Stress is so deeply ingrained in modern society that it often seems like a natural, inevitable part of life—but it doesn’t have to be. Conquering your stress should be a top priority, given that chronic stress can cause physical health problems.

Sep 15th, 2017
Where Can Ultherapy Be Used?

Ultherapy is an in-office anti-aging treatment. It’s unique because it’s the only cosmetic treatment to use ultrasound energy , and it’s the only FDA-approved treatment to noninvasively...

Sep 8th, 2017
Collagen And Your Skin Health

Collagen is a protein that gives skin its structure, resiliency, and strength. Smooth, youthful skin looks that way thanks to the presence of plenty of collagen. Over time, your body no longer produces as much collagen.

Sep 1st, 2017
Getting Ready For Day One On Optifast®

Some weight loss programs suggest making small changes that add up over time, while others propose more restrictive, but short-term dietary changes that give patients a jump start on their weight loss.

Aug 25th, 2017
Reclaim Your Body With Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting is a popular treatment in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County. It’s an effective way to selectively target the bulges of fat that haven’t been responding well to diet and exercise. CoolSculpting is a safe, FDA-approved,...

Aug 18th, 2017
Are You Making These Common Weight Loss Mistakes?

Losing weight isn’t easy, but many people make it even harder to achieve because of simple mistakes. Perhaps the most impactful mistake is assuming that following a weight loss program by yourself is more effective or easier than working with a doctor.

Aug 11th, 2017
Focusing On Lipo-Light

Patients in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County have seen great results with Lipo-Light. Dr. Briones can use this innovative technology to gently and effectively...

Aug 4th, 2017
What Is Visceral Fat?

Unless your tummy is trim, you probably have excess visceral fat. This is the fat that’s stored in your abdomen, and it’s actually more harmful for your health than the fat stored elsewhere in your body.

Jul 28th, 2017
Managing Your Appetite With Mindful Eating

During a typical day, an average person might hastily grab breakfast on the way out the door or in a fast food drive-thru. He or she might work while eating lunch and watch TV while eating dinner. This is the opposite of mindful eating...

Jul 14th, 2017
Using Coolsculpting To Treat Abdominal Fat

If you’ve been on a weight loss program for a while and you’re getting frustrated with stubborn bulges of fat around your midsection, it’s time to have a chat with your weight loss doctor.

Jul 7th, 2017
Strategies For Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Losing weight is a major accomplishment, but it’s only half the battle. It’s all too easy to gain back the pounds you lost. This is known as rebound weight gain, and it’s often the result of returning to old,...

Jun 23rd, 2017
What Are Your Options For Non-surgical Weight Reduction?

Weight loss programs that include doctor-supervised diet and exercise plans are the most effective ways to lose weight. However, you can complement your efforts with non-surgical weight loss methods to sculpt your body more quickly.

Jun 16th, 2017
Signs Of Hormonal Imbalances In Women

If you are a woman trying to lose weight but struggling to see the pounds actually come off, then a hormonal imbalance could be to blame. Hormonal imbalances are common with age and can interfere significantly with your weight loss efforts.

Dec 23rd, 2016
Common Questions About Ultherapy

After losing weight, many people find that they want to do more to make themselves look their best. One common complaint is sagging facial skin. After you lose weight, it’s common for your facial skin to sag as some of your fat disappears.

Dec 9th, 2016
Could Coolsculpting Be Right For You?

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that can eliminate fat from your body by freezing fat cells. If you’re interested in CoolSculpting serving Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County, then continue reading...

Nov 25th, 2016
Getting Rid Of Your Double Chin With Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting offers people an excellent solution for stubborn areas of fat . If you have a double chin that you’re tired of seeing when you look in the mirror, then ask your doctor about CoolSculpting serving Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester...

Nov 11th, 2016
Common FAQs On Optifast

If you are looking for a fast, safe way to lose weight and get healthy, your medical weight loss clinic may recommend OPTIFAST. Performed under the guidance of Dr. Briones in her medical weight loss clinic in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding...

Oct 28th, 2016
The Benefits Of Choosing Coolsculpting

If you have stubborn pockets of fat that are lingering despite your efforts to lose weight and get toned, then CoolSculpting could be right for you.

Oct 21st, 2016
Options For Non-surgical Weight Loss

If you have been struggling with your weight and are beginning to wonder if surgery is your only option, think again. There are many different ways to achieve weight loss without surgery.

Oct 14th, 2016
Preparing For Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved treatment designed to freeze away stubborn fat cells that don’t respond to your diet and exercise efforts, from tummy bulges to double chins.

Oct 7th, 2016
Does Optifast Really Work?

At Dr. Briones Medical Weight Loss Center, we’re pleased to offer OPTIFAST as one of our medical weight loss plans in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County area.

Sep 30th, 2016
How Sugar Harms Your Health

When people visit a weight loss clinic to learn how to lose weight, sugar is almost always part of the conversation. Although not everyone who wants to lose weight has a problem with eating too much sugar,...

Sep 23rd, 2016
Answering Your Questions About Lipo-Light

If you have been working hard to lose weight in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County area but are left with stubborn area of fat that just won’t budge, you are probably wondering if you have any options besides invasive procedures with...

Sep 2nd, 2016
How You Can Conquer Your Sweet Tooth

When you want to lose weight, your sweet tooth can be one of your biggest enemies. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to fight back against those sugar cravings.

Aug 26th, 2016
Understanding Functional Medicine

If you’re struggling to lose weight and you’re concerned about your risk of chronic diseases, you may wish to look for weight loss doctors in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County...

Aug 18th, 2016
Obesity And Heart Disease

In recent years, multiple studies have demonstrated the correlation between obesity and cardiovascular disease. In light of these findings, weight loss programs near Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County have...

Aug 12th, 2016
How Does Ultherapy Work?

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of sagging skin around your face and neck? Do you want the results of a facelift without having to undergo invasive surgery?

Aug 5th, 2016
A Man’s Guide To Hormone Replacement Therapy

It’s well known that women can benefit from hormone replacement therapy as they transition through menopause, but did you know that men also go through a period of hormonal decline?

Jul 29th, 2016
Meet Medical Assistant Natasha Ortiz

When you visit Dr. Briones Medical Weight Loss Center , one of the friendly faces you’ll meet is medical assistant Natasha Ortiz. Natasha is an integral part of our weight loss clinic serving Mt. Kisco and the surrounding...

Jul 22nd, 2016
What To Expect From Coolsculpting

Are you struggling with pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise efforts? Many people find that, after they lose weight, they are still left with areas of fat that simply won’t budge, leaving them frustrated that they still don’t have the...

Jul 15th, 2016
The Importance Of Exercise For Weight Loss

If you’re looking for the best way to lose weight in Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County, you should be aware that exercise is a very important part of weight loss.

Dec 26th, 2015
What Goes Into Medical Weight Loss?

If you’ve previously tried to lose weight without success, it may be time to seek medical help. Medical weight loss involves a structured program of nutrition, supplements, and exercise to help patients reach their weight loss goals.

Dec 17th, 2015
An Inside Look At Coolsculpting

Medical weight loss is the best way to lose weight in the surrounding Westchester County. While you’re losing weight with a customized diet and exercise program, consider giving CoolSculpting a try.

Dec 10th, 2015
The Coolsculpting Procedure

There are many ways you can support your medical weight loss plan to lose weight even faster. Consider undergoing CoolSculpting near Mt. Kisco and the surrounding Westchester County.

Dec 2nd, 2015