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Lose weight when diets and exercise have failed.

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Maria Briones, MD

Maria Briones, MD

Dr. Briones completed her residency training in internal medicine at Long Island Collegue Hospital in New York. She became board certified in Internal Medicine in 1996. She recertified in 2006. She is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Bariatric Medicine since 2010.

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Natasha Ortiz

Natasha Ortiz

A bilingual speaking professional Certified Medical Assistant. Graduated from Sanford Brown Institute in 2011. NY. Has experience with OBGYN, gastroenterology, Internal medicine and weight loss.

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Carmen Abril

Carmen Abril

With extensive experience as an office Manager, Carmen works at Dr. Briones weight loss, since 2014, monitoring all bookkeeping for office purchases. She is the sole administrator of the New York Vaccine Registry I-Stop/PMP.

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Monica Martinez

Monica Martinez

She is a graduate from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, with a Bachelor's Degree in Secretarial Science, 1995. Graduated in Medical billing and coding from Sanford Brown Institute 2013, White Plains, New York.

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Briones Medical Weight Loss Center

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Briones Medical Weight Loss Center in Mount Kisco New York

Fast, Effective and Safe Medical Weight Loss

In our medical weight loss clinic in Mount Kisco, New York, Dr. Briones can help you lose weight and keep it off for good!

As a specialist in medical weight loss, Dr. Briones is familiar with the problems that you face because of your weight. She has helped hundreds of overweight people gain control of their weight, their health, and their lives.

Many of the people that come to our weight loss clinic have made repeated unsuccessful attempts at weight loss. Dr. Briones understands the frustration that you feel and can help you achieve a healthy weight and maintain it permanently.

Our services in Mount Kisco include:

  • Customized medical weight loss programs, including nutrition, body detoxification, dietary supplements, hormone replacement and more
  • Medical help from an Internist who focuses only on adults, also known as a Doctor of Internal Medicine
  • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to help with issues related to menopause, andropause and low testosterone
  • Functional medicine to help discover, analyze and treat underlying or chronic medical conditions
  • Ultherapy, a natural facelift that deposits ultrasound energy to tighten and lift the skin
  • Non-surgical Fat Reduction via laser, ultrasound, mesotherapy, LLLT (low level laser technology), laser lypolysis or cold therapy techniques
  • CoolSculpting, a natural fat-loss solution that freezes fat cells to eliminate them
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Success Stories

"My name is Ellen F. I came to Dr. Briones in Feb 2014. I was 61yrs old, 205lbs, wearing a size 2X, my body ached and I could barely breath. I felt broken. Dr. Briones was so patient and kind. She en..."
Ellen F.
"Dr Briones saved my life, no question. My weight now is 165 lb, after starting out at 230 lb. That's a total weight loss of 65 lbs."
- Lynn
"My name is Marc W. and I lost 40 lbs. at the Dr Briones Medical weight loss center. Her methods and practice have been a help in losing the weight and being able to maintain the ideal size. My health ..."
- Marc
"I am writing this letter to you so that you understand how I feel about you and you're practice, as you well know I came to you because I did not know where else to turn I had exhausted all other road..."
- Maureen
"Dr Briones is wonderful she has helped me change my life. I feel great. Thank you."
- Karen
"I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Briones for helping me achieve my weight loss goal. This is the first time I have been able to stick to a plan long term and maintain my weight. I attribute this to the..."
- Michelle
"I wish to thank Dr. Briones for all her help with the journey in the healthier lifestyle. She has guided me through all the trial and tribulations of achieving my weight loss goals. Her professionalis..."
- Patrick
"I have been feeling the best that I have felt in many years. Thanks to Dr. Briones and her wonderful weight loss program. Her encouraging words and support make it simple to follow the program. I woul..."
- Amy
"I started with Dr. Briones in November 2009 weighing just shy of 290 pounds. I chose to do the partial meal replacement plan, and in just under 10 months, have now lost 90 pounds and have seen my BMI..."
- David C
"Although I was never a "heavy" young woman, while raising my children over the past 18 years, I gained a significant amount of weight. Having tried many weight loss programs, I all but gave up hope wh..."
- Sharon
"In October 2010 I started partial meal replacement and today I feel great! I'm so appreciative to Dr. Briones for her support and guidance. I have lost a total of 55 pounds and my blood pressure is no..."
- Susan
"After completing my Freshman year of college, and gaining the "Freshman 15″, I was determined to do something about my weight. I tried different weight loss programs in the past, but had no last..."
- Justin
"I started my weight loss journey with Dr. Briones in October 2011. When I started I weighed 224 pounds. With Dr. Briones' help, I've lost 60 pounds. I have a few more pounds to go. I no longer have hi..."
- Luis
"Thanks to Dr. Briones, I have lost over 25 lbs. and have kept it off. I started going to Dr. Briones' office about 2 years ago...I lost the weight within 6 months and have kept it off due to her encou..."
- Brenda
"On March 14th 2012, I weighed 166 lbs. Today, July 26th 2012, I weigh 138 lbs. thanks to Dr. Briones. Dr. Briones has truly been the only doctor who has ever helped me lose weight. Her unending compas..."
- Elysa
"I started with Dr. Briones a year ago after being denied for Weight Loss Surgery by my insurance company. I weighed in at my highest at 308 lbs. before I went for surgery. I lost some weight on my own..."
- Katie
"In October 2011, I stood 4' 11" and weighed 162 lbs. Today, December 2012, I haven't grown but now weigh in at a proud 114.6 lbs. Through Dr. Briones' guidance and support I can fit into a size 6 agai..."
- Christine
"I have been a patient of Dr. Briones for over one year and I am so glad I found her! Not only is she professional and has excellent bedside manner, she also helped save my life and I owe her so much g..."
- Kelli
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